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    Saturday, 20 February 2010

    Accident-fakers target London fleets

    Operation Catcher, a Metropolitan Police initiative, has been launched to identify criminals who deliberately induce vehicle collisions in order to defraud insurers.
    According to the Metropolitan Police, there is a high incidence of such crimes in its area. In particular, it warns that "organised criminal groups" are targeting companies operating vehicle fleets within the M25.
    source: BVRLA

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    Monday, 15 February 2010

    BVRLA Vehicle Recall Guidance

    The BVRLA has developed a guidance paper for members and their customers on vehicle recalls.
    If you have any questions on this paper please contact a member of the legal services team on 01494 434747.
    source: BVRLA

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    Wednesday, 10 February 2010

    Honda extends airbag recall by 437,000 cars

    Honda has added 437,700 cars, mainly in North America, to its existing global safety recall over airbag inflation problems.
    It broadens a recall announced in late 2008 for less than 4,000 Accord and Civic sedans, then expanded in mid-2009 to cover another 510,000 vehicles.
    The latest announcement also covers Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and Australia.
    source: BBC

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    Tuesday, 9 February 2010

    Drive Assist in whistleblower allegations

    Credit hire firm Drive Assist is at the centre of allegations it falsified hire days to claim extra money from insurers.
    In a leaked email, released by a whistleblower and seen by Insurance Times, a Drive Assist employee explains to staff how to claim two extra hire days from insurers. The email has been sent to the ABI and insurers are currently considering their response.
    Drive Assist chief executive Steve Binch said the employee who sent the email has been 'disciplined' while a full investigation is being carried out. In a letter to the ABI, he said that following an initial investigation, he was: “Confident that the many other systems and procedures within Drive Assist have captured this unfortunate procedural error/misrepresentation.”
    He added: “The Board and I do not condone any process which artificially inflates hire invoice values and Drive Assist prides itself on being one of the lower cost operators in the sector.”
    source: Insurance Times

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    Toyota recalls thousands of Prius cars worldwide

    Toyota has announced the recall of about 436,000 hybrid vehicles worldwide, including its latest Prius model, to fix brake problems. The total includes more than 200,000 Prius cars sold in Japan and 8,500 cars in the UK.
    "We have decided to recall as we regard safety for our customers as our foremost priority," the firm said. The company has already recalled eight million vehicles because of accelerator and floormat problems.
    Company president Akio Toyoda made the latest recall announcement at a news conference in Tokyo on Tuesday afternoon.
    source: BBC

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    Friday, 5 February 2010

    How do you stop a car with a jammed accelerator?

    The recall of thousands of Toyotas with potentially faulty pedals raises a terrifying hypothetical scenario - what should you do if the accelerator on your car jams? It's a driver's worst nightmare. You try to slow down but find the accelerator pedal is stuck - you're in a runaway car.
    The world's largest carmaker Toyota has recalled millions of vehicles across Europe and the US due either to the risk of accelerator pedals becoming stuck on the floor mat or jamming on their own.
    Toyota insists the jamming problem is very rare and that it has only received 26 reports of any kind of problem in Europe.
    If the accelerator is stuck, you should first firmly depress the foot brake, he says. This will override the accelerator. It must be the footbrake and not the handbrake, which could cause the brake pads to burn out and potentially put the car into a spin.
    Next, the driver needs to depress the clutch, effectively stopping the engine from powering the car. The equivalent in an automatic car is to put the gearstick into neutral. Continue braking and keep an eye out, forward and back, for an "escape route" to the hard shoulder. Do not try to steer straight across in one quick swerve - this could be dangerous, and destabilise the vehicle at such a speed. In a short time - perhaps 10 seconds - you can bring the car to a halt, says Stephen Mead, assistant chief examiner at the Institute of Advanced Motoring.
    source: BBC

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    Wednesday, 3 February 2010

    UK 'could face power shortages'

    The UK could face power shortages in the years ahead, according to the energy regulator, Ofgem.
    The regulator also warns that a significant number of consumers may not be able to afford the higher energy prices they will have to face. Ofgem says there is "reasonable doubt" about whether the UK's energy market will be able to deliver sustainable supplies in the coming decade.
    The industry needs £200bn of investment, Ofgem said.
    source: BBC

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